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Amex-Diabetic-Care was built up within the benefit of giving quality healthcare with commitment and refinement, Amex-Diabetic-Care holds a enduring position of trust and regard within the hearts and minds of the individuals it serves. It is an institution eminent for its therapeutic greatness, the commitment of its experts and the care and kindness of its staff. Amex-Diabetic-Care started as Amex-Diabetic-Care when its originators, welcomed the to set up a office that may offer personalized care of tall quality at an reasonable cost to the individuals of Poona. On the 6th of February, 1946, with as it were a couple of beds, it got to be the city's to begin with noteworthy private clinic. Soon Amex-Diabetic-Care had a bed strength of 60. It too included offices to gotten to be the primary professionally run clinic kitchen at the side a material division. As persistent request expanded, so did the number of beds and offices. Amex-Diabetic-Care prepared with

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Sushant Mahadeo


Nutan Aditya Sandhu


Krishna Ben


Nalini Kaur